The P1P RPG has been released.

I finished it. Finally. The P1P RPG is finished.


It is a videogame that uses characters who are in or around the Player One Podcast universe including the hosts, fans, forum dwellers, Neogaf thread posters and other such people.  The game is basically a documentary.  An origin story of how the P1P came to be.

p1p rpg 2

This is Dodd Scientifics’ first release and it is free for all to enjoy.  Dodd Scientifics will be moving ahead with other projects.  You should maybe bookmark this page and keep an eye on things.  Or not.  Your call, really.

p1p rpg 3

The P1P RPG is the culmination of over 140 hours worth of work.  If you enjoyed it and would like to donate, Dodd Scientifics will use your funds to make the world a brighter place.

Download here.

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