Lawyer chat!

Not that I think this is going to become a ‘thing’ because for that to happen people would need to give a shit about this – and that seems unlikely.  But I do just want to say that I built this game on my own and while the P1P guys seemed flattered by the gesture they didn’t request that I do it nor did they suggest what the game be about (or have any editorial control over any of it).  In the game I take swipes at many people, well let’s be honest – i take swipes at every person, including myself.  And those ‘jokes’ (I use the term loosely) come from me.  The only P1P feedback that made it into the game was Sewart suggesting that I make Phil talk for longer.

I’ve noticed that some people are pleased to see themselves in a satirical manner and others aren’t so thrilled.  Either way you should aim that at me, not the P1P guys.


Pete Dodd

Dodd Scientifics


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