Doddcast 202: Alcoholism


Thank yous and appologies, Pikmin 3, Dragon’s Crown, and Divinity: Dragon Commander.

Music:  This place is a prison by The Postal Service, Ill with Want by The Avett Brothers, Moonshiner by Cat Power.

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5 thoughts on “Doddcast 202: Alcoholism

    • I relate to your confidence/anxiety paradox, also. Also also, your recent write up on the XBOX’s problems remaining even through the 180 really does a nice job of getting at what was actually wrong with the system and strategy Microsoft is putting out. Watching the XBOX One reveal I was just floored by who the fuck they thought their market was.

      I don’t know if you have any direct insight on this, but it SEEMS to me as an outsider to be clear that Sony’s surprise early announcement of the PS4 caught Microsoft completely off guard and forced them to speed up their entire process, leaving both the hardware and its strategy half baked and off balance.

  1. Everything I’ve heard is exactly what you just said in that last paragraph. February totally threw Microsoft off their game and began their scramble. I also hear that even up to start of E3 that Microsoft had no idea that the PS4 was going to be $100 cheaper even though outside people like me had heard $400 as far back as February. They just weren’t ready for anything Sony has done.

    • Yeah, that sounds exactly right. To me, the clearest initial indication that they simply weren’t prepared to launch a new console was that directly after the reveal, literally at the event in interviews later that day, top MS officials were giving contradictory, half baked, confusing answers to simple questions. I don’t know how or why they’d allow top officials to be so completely unprepared. Typically, you’ll get a chorus of the same PR concocted responses from those events (ranging from ‘we’re not ready to reveal that’ to fluffy positive spin), but the chorus of conflicting answers and quotes coming out of that reveal were extremely telling.

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