Doddcast 215 – 720p Meltdown


Looking at the resolution drama from several angles.  Destiny of Spirits beta.  More games of the generation.

Music: Frank Sinatra by Cake, Debaser by The Pixies

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3 thoughts on “Doddcast 215 – 720p Meltdown

  1. God, the host of this show was so incredibly condescending and obnoxious. The amount of elitism toward people who enjoy games he doesn’t is almost remarkable.
    I can’t imagine anyone enjoying this when there are far more interesting podcasts out there that aren’t vulgar or irritatingly fanboyish over one particular gaming company as this was.

    • I’m definitely condescending and obnoxious.

      I don’t remember saying anything negative about people who like games I don’t. In fact, I don’t remember even mentioning a game I don’t like in the entire episode.

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