PS4 Remote Play Fix

So the PS4 launch has had its fair share of problems so far this weekend and thankfully I’ve avoided most of them.  I have, however, had trouble with remote play. This problem doesn’t seem particularly wide-spread but there are a couple of people in my twitter feed that have the issue as well and after some tinkering and brainstorming I think I finally found the culprit.  Now, of course, there could be many reasons for faulty Remote Play like a bum wifi in your vita or ps4, interference from something outside, etc.  But if you had the same problem as me there is a solution.

To make a long story short what I believe was causing my remote play to be laggy/disconnect was what channel the vita and my router were broadcasting on.  This doesn’t explain why it didn’t work through my router… but it now works through my router also.  Who knows, electronics are confusing.
So first start with the vita.  Go to settings and you will see this page.  Click on Network.



Once in network you will see the following menu, click on Wifi Settings.



The wifi settings will show the open networks around you (and whatever network you are connected to, if you are connected to a network).  Scroll down and notice at the bottom that the channel is set to auto.



When you touch that you can set it to Auto/1/6/11.  I decided to go with channel 6.  You may need to experiment here though as maybe someone nearby has a router on channel 6.  Six worked for me though.



So that’s what it looked like when I was finished.  I backed out and rebooted the Vita; I’m not certain you need to reboot it but rebooting never hurts.
Next up I changed settings on my router.  This may not have been necessary but it does ensure the channels don’t get crossed.  Accessing your router will be different for everyone.  Google it if you don’t know how.  But this is roughly what you want to look for when you are in your router settings.   First off, find wireless.



Once you get into Wireless you will probably find that the channel is set to auto.



I changed it from auto to 3 as that wasn’t one of the adhoc channels on the vita (remember that said 1, 6, or 11 and I had chosen 6).



I saved the settings and rebooted the router.  I have since had a few hours of completely flawless remote play (both direct connected and through the router).  Let me know in the comments if this worked for you.  If it didn’t and you find a different fix let me know and I’ll add it to this post giving you full credit, of course.



7 thoughts on “PS4 Remote Play Fix

  1. Interesting – I’m going to try this on mine to see if it helps. Just so I understand, the Vita ‘ad-hoc’ options, that is the channel it uses to create a peer-to-peer wifi link (Vita-Vita etc) , whereas the channel you are defining on the router (infrastructure) is fixed.

    If I understand it correctly then by changing the router to ‘3’ you’ve just moved it to an un-used channel (and so with less interference in your area). Just out of curiosity, when you are connected to your wifi, on the vita if you go into network status – I presume its showing the channel connected as ‘3’ too..

    Thanks for the tips – looks like local wifi interference could be a killer for remote play!

  2. Remote Play tips:

    1. direct PS4>Vita connection should be best, but routers with strong antennas should have better coverage
    2. connect PS4 to router with LAN cable [using wifi for internet connection can cause RP throttling with Direct Connection]
    3. turn off Vita power settings [can reduce streaming problems]
    4. turn off router QoS
    5. change Vita/Router wifi chanels
    6. if RP over internet is not responsive at all, do one of these three things with router – put entire PS4 LAN port of router into DMZ, enable uPNP or open there ports [ ]

  3. The issue is that you have a Mixed network mode. By switching to ad hoc your allowing the Vita and PS4 to establish an N network. Mixed mode cripples your speed for N, and kills Full Duplex Mode. B, G, and Mixed networks do not have Full Duplex, and it is almost certainly required to have a good experience. Full Duplex just means that your device will be able to do simultaneous sends and receive.

  4. The problem won’t be your home router. The problems the PS4. Lots of people are getting choppy connections on their home wifi, and the cause has been the PS4 itself. The problem stems from it creating it’s very own wifi, and switching to exactly the same channel as your home network. Suddenly you’ll hit lagg and interference problems.

    They need a patch to allow manual selection of channels for PS4.

  5. The PSVita Ad Hoc model channel has nothing to do with Remote Play. It is not used when communicating with your router or with your PS4. It is solely for connecting with other Vitas for doing local multiplayer games. The Vita will not even broadcast on that channel unless you are using a game that can take advantage of local multiplayer.

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