Games of the Generation (75 through 11)

Here are 75-11 in my Games of the Generation list.  Numbers 10 through 1 will be on Doddcast 221 which you can watch live at 11pm eastern on saturday night (check my twitter for a link around that time).  The criteria for this list are games on the PC/PS3/360 that came out from the launch of the 360 until, well, today.  I didn’t include the Wii because I honestly didn’t spend enough time with the system to give the games a fair shake so I figured leaving them out was better than low-balling them.  There are also no handheld games in this list.  PC/PS3/360.  That’s it.  I also list the system I played it on (as most are multiplats, obviously).  Some of these games I did play more on the Vita (like Guacamelee) but if they have a console/PC counterpart I listed the one I also messed around with.  Lastly, I didn’t want to list multiple games from the same series so I picked my personal favorite from each series… but it’s safe to assume that I enjoyed all of the games in each respective series.

  1. Tune in Saturday!
  2. ??
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  5. Tune in Saturday!
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  10. Tune in saturday!
  11. Bioshock Infinite  (PC) Loved the atmosphere and combat.  Got sucked into the story.  I get the complaints but don’t agree with them.
  12. Pixel Junk Monsters (PS3)  Best Tower Defense game ever… and I love me some TD.  Beat this game on 3 different consoles (so far)
  13. Toy Soldiers: Cold War  (360) The best example of an action-TD game.  Also amazing use of theme in graphics and gameplay.
  14. FFXIII (PS3)  Moms are tough.  I loved this game.  I don’t know why.
  15. Crackdown (360)  The open world game that made every open world game after it better.  A true classic.
  16. Divinity: Dragon Commander (PC)  I love when genres mix and D:DC mixes action with RTS with 4k strategy – and it all works!
  17. Minecraft (PC) My love affair with Minecraft was short (a few months) but rather intense.  I love building.
  18. Mass Effect 2 (360) I didn’t enjoy the first ME so when everyone was saying how good ME2 was I didn’t believe them.  I was wrong.
  19. Batman Arkham Asylum  (PS3) By far the best Batman game because of my love of old asylums.  Such a great location!  Gameplay also wonderful, of course.
  20. Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) According to my save file I spent 90 hours playing this game the first month it was out. Issues with UI aside, on the track it’s unrivaled.
  21. Dungeon Defenders (PC) A great action RPG/Tower Defense hybrid with a rather shitty art style.
  22. Spelunky (360)  Still playing this daily on my Vita I fell in love the day it came out on the 360.  This game is timeless.
  23. Super Street Fighter IV (PS3)  500 hours online with friends, easily.  I won like 4 matches during that 500 hours – but I didn’t care.
  24. Trials Evolution (360)  An improvement over the original trials in every way.  A huge amount of content for the price as well.
  25. GTA V (PS3) Better than GTA IV and I genuinely LOVED certain missions.  The ending and the online play were a flop though.
  26. Journey (PS3) Just play it.  Hard to put into words.
  27. inFamous 2 (PS3)  inFamous was a good game.  inFamous 2 improved on it in nearly every way.  I had a blast with this game from start to finish.
  28. God of War 3 (PS3)  The first 30 minutes of this game still look better than 97% of the games on my much more powerful PC.  Game had lulls though.
  29. The Walking Dead (PS3)  Amazing characterization and story and choices.  The gameplay was a bit flat.  I don’t mind though, I’ll take 10 more seasons please.
  30. Plants vs Zombies (PS3) You already know… so I’ll just use this space to complain about how bad PvZ 2 is.  HOW DID THEY RUIN THIS GAME!?!?!
  31. Mirror’s Edge (360)  A sublime experience that gets roughed up a bit by some later levels that have more combat and aren’t as open.
  32. Hotline Miami (PC)  Violent, punishing, fair, amazing.  Best soundtrack ever as well.  Yes, ever.
  33. FTL (PC) Infinite replayability, this game puts me in a trance.  A very stressful trance.
  34. Guacamelee (PS3) Drinkbox crafted an amazing game that doesn’t shy away from being difficult.  When you pull off 5 different special moves just to make a platform jump that seems impossible you will high-five yourself.
  35. Resistance 3 (PS3) Underrated and basically sent out to die this is by far the best Resistance game and one of the best SP FPSs on consoles because of its throwback to health that doesn’t regen and the ability to carry every gun.  Amazingly fun from start to finish.
  36. Need for Speed Shift (PS3) A mostly sim racer with some arcade stylings mixed in.  Also features the best in-car camera of the generation.
  37. Battlefield BC 2 (PS3) An underrated and very fun (and funny!) single player… and multiplayer where you can blow up everything.  Hundreds of hours lost to this game.  I don’t want them back.
  38. Far Cry 3 (PC)  A real looker on the PC… this game was great fun with an open world with plenty to do.  The characters were pretty awful though.
  39. Valkyria Chronicles (PS3)  One of the most inventive strategy RPGs of alltime.  It’s probably a crime I have it this far down the list.
  40. Terraria (PC) 2D Minecraft is what it was billed as… but it’s so much more.  Castlevania with digging is more accurate.
  41. NBA 2k11 (360) The NBA 2k series has always been great but 2k11 was something special.  The gameplay got better in the years since but I owned this game on both systems and played online with friends on both all year long.
  42. Savage Moon (PS3)  One of the better Tower Defense games I’ve played.  Wickedly tough but expertly crafted.  I want a sequel in the worst way… and Sony has this team making bullshit for PS Home. 😦
  43. Dragon’s Dogma (PS3) A japanese WRPG.  Yep.  And it works pretty damn well.  Capcom had a lot of misses this gen but Dragon’s Dogma is an IP I hope to see them carry on.
  44. Call of Duty 4 (360)  The game that changed everything in First Person Shooters.  It should be higher but I’m so sick of what it did that I’m scolding it and sticking it down here.
  45. Rayman Legends (PC)  An improvement over the already fantastic Rayman Origins.  Gorgeous art.  Tightened controls.  More varied levels.  I play mostly on my Vita but it’s gorgeous everywhere.  The Wii U version being the best console version.  Though the PC version was super cheap, so…
  46. FIFA 13 (PS3) FIFA 13 turned me from a kinda fan of soccer to a full-fledged fan.  I played 3 seasons without simming a game offline.  It’s been a decade since I’ve done that with a sports game.
  47. Nier (PS3)  Hammered by the press in reviews this is what many consider to be Square’s best RPG this gen.  Some truly inventive ideas.  Highly recommended.
  48. Orcs Must Die 2 (PC)  The PC only follow-up to the wonderful XBLA game the carnage you can cause with the traps make this game glorious.
  49. Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed (PC)  Gorgeous, great handling, and more fan service than you shake a stick at.  Probably the best Kart Racer I’ve ever played (that didn’t have a track editor – i’m a nerd for that stuff)
  50. Rock Band 2 (360) Fun alone, absolutely amazing with the combo of friends and alcohol.
  51. 3d Dot Game Heroes (PS3)  A throwback to the old Zelda games.  Difficult puzzles, intense combat, and great exploration made this an underrated gem.
  52. Starhawk (PS3) Most of the world would put Warhawk and not Starhawk but I’m not most of the world.  I thought the base building aspect was one of the coolest additions to shooters this gen… and something that bombed and will be completely ignored.  Booo!
  53. MLB 13 The Show (PS3)  Every year MLB The Show delivers… so I picked the most recent one.  Death, Taxes, and MLB the Show are the only things you can count on in life.
  54. Killzone 2 (PS3) A completely forgettable story but the game looked real pretty.  The online was above average and brought me many hours of enjoyment.
  55. 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand (360)  A much better game than you would assume.  Also makes the case that all games should have a button dedicated to swearing.
  56. Fallout 3 (PS3)  I played Fallout 3 wrong.  I didn’t do a single side quest.  I went straight through the story missions.  I loved it.
  57. Wipeout HD/Fury (PS3)  RIP Studio Liverpool.  You will be missed.
  58. SSHD (PS3) Housemarque had a number of amazing games this gen but Stardust was their greatest.  If you play it on a 3D tv your head LITERALLY will explode.
  59. Team Fortress 2 (PC) Valve, man.  Valve.
  60. Bastion (360)  A stunning achievement in terms of delivering an interesting story and a decent RPG for $15.  The combat was a bit simple but I loved this game.
  61. Starcraft 2 (PC)  Blizzard made Starcraft 2 great by not doing much different from Starcraft 1.  I’m ok with this.
  62. Puzzle Quest (360)  A game that kicked off a genre, Puzzle Quest was so fun.  It still is and it’s probably available on every device you own.
  63. Socom: Confrontation (PS3)  Socom never even sniffed at the heights of the series in the PS2 era but once Slant Six cleaned up all of the bugs this was a capable but limited Socom game.  Crossroads is still one of the best maps ever made.
  64. Mafia 2 (PS3)  An open world game that has no reason to be open world, the game is great despite this.  A strong story along with capable gameplay.  Also having old Playboys, complete with boobies (before they were fake), as the hidden collectible in the game is probably the best idea this gen.
  65. Lord of the Rings: WotN (PS3)  Fun with friends.  Broken as fuck.  A giant eagle kills shit.
  66. Gears of War 2 (360) Gears 1 changed shooters for the better, Gears 2 perfected the formula and also added “Horde Mode” which is now in every game ever.  Chainsawing friends has never been so fun.
  67. Geometry Wars (360)  The OG XBLA game.  Fun to play and a giant billboard that screamed “THIS TYPE OF GAME IS VIABLE TO MAKE AND SELL AT A LOWER PRICE POINT!”  Thank you, Geo Wars.
  68. Crysis (PC)  This game still looks amazing and it came out at the very start of this gen.  It’s also the best game in the series.
  69. Company of Heroes (PC)  Company of Heroes is a RTS for people who usually don’t like RTS’s.  I do like them… but I liked this as well.  Very fun.
  70. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2(360)  I still bust this out on the PS3 (which is extremely inferior) to play some terrorist hunt with James Chilton.  But back in the day, on the 360, we played this game for months.
  71. Hero Academy (PC)  Started as a phone game but eventually made it to Steam.  It’s a great asynchronous multiplayer strategy game.
  72. Jamestown (PC)  The best Shmup I’ve played since I was a kid.  A wicked last level that separates the Men/Women from the Boys/Girls.
  73. Alice: The Madness Returns (PC)  So weird but so fun.  About 10 hours too long though.
  74. Hitman: Blood Money (360) An early gen masterpiece that doesn’t quite hold up these days but is still worth a playthrough.
  75. Kameo (360)  The Knack of last gen.  I love Knack.  I loved Kameo.

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