The Xbox One isn’t (IMO) the better system, and other bloggity-blog type stuff

Several days ago I wrote that I believed the Xbox One was the better system right this second and conveyed what I thought was a rather interesting history of the industry’s perception of the consoles pre-launch and, what I thought, was a rather scathing takedown of the Xbox One. It wasn’t meant to be mean-spirited.  I do like the system.  It does have great games.  But my issue is that everything it does well it also messes up.  It has a great stable of downloadable games with Powerstar Golf, Crimson Dragon, Halo: Spartan Assault, and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.  The problem is that each of these games are overpriced, and all but Max have protracted leveling systems designed to get you to spend money on microtransactions so you can level up faster.  This is something I find insidious in a free game – it’s downright disgusting in a $15 or $20 game.

The same can be applied to Forza which I called the best game of the launch.  On the track it is.  The fact that it has $50 of DLC already, an extremely long grind that begs you on every screen to hit Y to level faster (ie spend money), and has less than half the content of Forza 4 is not ok.  In the piece I was trying to play off of these opposites.  I even did it in the title which was described many times as “clickbait” but it wasn’t.  The point of the title is that the Xbox One is the better system but it isn’t.  It’s an enigma.  A system with a better lineup of games (subjectively, of course) and an OS with more functionality (that’s a clusterfuck to get around with a controller) that suffers because every good decision Microsoft made they made an equally bad decision along with it.

Some people got what I was going for.  Many didn’t.  Boogie (aka francis) retweeted it which was awesome in terms of traffic (plus I’m a huge fan of his so the fact that he thought it was worth retweeting was amazing to me) but that also brought with it atleast 200 tweets directed at me with extreme anger based off the title alone.  Sony fanboys are crazy.  I know the irony in me saying that, being that I am literally crazy (and a Sony fanboy), but goddamn people – chill the hell out.  Someone also posted it on N4G which was cool but again this brought with it console warriors who didn’t get what I was saying at all.

I struggled with this.  Was it my fault? Did I not make my points clearly enough? Is the problem that some people are just too dumb to understand what I’m trying to say?  I don’t know.  Probably both.  As a writer I’m always trying to improve and will never stop. I want to bend words to my will. It’s psychotic in a way… but I do accept that what I wanted to achieve and what I actually put out there may not have matched up.  I also tend to write to my audience, which in my guestimation, is about 200 folks who have a decent grasp on how I view the videogame world from my writing and podcast so they go into my articles with that knowledge. If you got linked in from Boogie or N4G you don’t have that. I need to become a better writer so both groups get it. And, yes, some of you are just too stupid to understand things. That’s ok. I’m too stupid in many, many, subjects to understand things. I also need an editor in the worst way.

In other news my wife and I are moving out of this apartment in less than a week.  Moving is stressful. Holy shit it’s stressful. We don’t leave then though… we will spend a week with my folks and then we are actually going on a vacation that was setup long before we ever knew we were moving.  We were going to leave for Utah (our destination) the day after we get back but due to some domestic violence and court dates that’s been pushed back at least a week from then.  I will explain this in further detail in a future podcast.  Just know my wife is fine, I wasn’t there (so no… I wasn’t involved), we really just want it to be over and get the fuck out of here.

Speaking of podcasts… I have the files for three of them that I need to edit and put up.  This is part laziness and part just being so overwhelmed by the move and all of this other shit and editing can be a bit frustrating if you aren’t in the mood for it so I keep putting it off.  Don’t be surprised, however, if one day there’s three new podcasts on iTunes or whatever you use.  I will edit them!  They are also archived on YouTube somewhere.  Ask @richgrisham about that.

I have a lot of thoughts about stuff like PS Now (P snow?), 6v6 Titanfall (simmer the fuck down, internet.  Balance > player count), and other topics.  I may write about them if I get stuff packed.  If not I have one more podcast with Rich before I go dark for what may end up being about a month. When I come back I hope to have a plan for a new website – we’ll see.  That last article getting such backlash from people who didn’t even understand it made me wonder if I even want to be a part of this industry or if I should keep it as a hobby.  But since I’m moving I don’t have a job… and, well, I need a job. So maybe making a website that fails will be that job.  USA! USA! Other Countries Also!  Other Countries Also!

Those of you who sent me notes saying you enjoyed my last piece – thank you. I needed that positivity. It meant a lot. Also, the PS4 isn’t perfect by a longshot either. There’s a lot of work to do, Microsoft/Sony. Get to it.



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