Doddcast 238 – Brownicide



This week Pete and Rich discuss Wolfenstein, Bound by Flame, Titanfall DLC (and trading in), and a bunch of listener tweets!


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No. No, no, no. Nope.

Eurogamer told me that Mario Kart was 1080p/60fps.  Evidently it is not that. I don’t care in terms of resolution making a game better or worse, but if what you are trying to do is give a technical breakdown you should get it right.  And, when you are wrong, you shouldn’t blame another outlet for quoting your shit as the reason it is wrong. Let’s start here.




Ok, so according to Eurogamer at this point it is 1080p/60fps.  Digital Foundry doesn’t agree (and blames other sources).




What is highlighted is a link to Forbes. Forbes, who is quoting the Eurogamer link up above. What you see on Forbes is down below.




Want to source it yourself?

Pic number one.

Pic number two (highlighted text leading to…).

Pic number three.


Let’s use more numbers to make it the most simple thing ever.

1. Eurogamer says MK8 is 1080p/60 fps

2. Eurogamer says it’s not 1080p and blames other outlets for saying it is 1080p/60fps

3. The link that Eurogamer provided is to a Forbes article citing the Eurogamer article that I put up top (because it was first).


Who knew!??!


Driveclub rage. Driveclub apologist.

When word broke earlier today that PS+ was going to be required for the upgraded PS+ edition of Driveclub I definitely raised an eyebrow. I didn’t understand why. I thought it was pretty stupid. Then I shrugged my shoulders and thought “I guess i’ll just get the retail version then.”

Then I got on twitter and everyone is in a complete RAGE about it. I get that it’s stupid. I agree that it’s stupid. I could even see getting into a rage if there wasn’t a DRM free version.  But there is.  You can buy the full game digitally or on disc without being tied to PS+.  So why are people so upset?

The first reason, and this does make my blood boil quite a bit, is that Sony employees have actually gone back and erased posts made on forums like GAF stating that upgrading the game wouldn’t be tied to PS+ when you upgraded.  Now I understand that this was the case before the launch of the PS4, the game slipped to almost a year later and the entire structure of the game changed so it makes sense that the PS+ structure would also.  That does not excuse Sony for going back and trying to rewrite history.  If it had to change because the structure of the game changed, or the price of developing the game was much higher – BE HONEST WITH US.  You were caught red handed here and you can kiss a giant amount of the “for the gamer” goodwill goodbye.  That’s some shady shit.

That, however, is where my rage begins and ends.  I don’t have a problem with the Driveclub setup otherwise.

There are technically three versions of the game.  The PS+ edition. The digital retail version. The disc based retail version.  The digital and disc based retail versions will be $60 and have “extra content” according to this video. Also, according to that video the PS+ edition is free, and you can upgrade it piecemeal (buy a car here, a track there) or you can get all of the DLC in a bundle for $50.  If you buy that bundle you are tied to needing a PS+ account. The argument against this is “it’s unprecedented!”  I’m not sure that is true.  It’s potentially confusing and definitely stupid, but it’s not really out of line with other PS+ games.  Every PS+ game you get for free, no matter how much DLC you buy, you can’t play the game if your PS+ lapses.  That’s how the service has worked since day one.  If you got Assassin’s Creed 3 on PS+ and then bought the season pass and your PS+ lapses… you can’t play AC3 and your DLC is a waste.  If COD Ghosts ends up on PS+ (which isn’t out of the question given the poor sales) and you spend $60 on the season pass, and you let PS+ lapse, you can’t play the game.  That’s how PS+ works now, it’s how it worked at launch, and it seems to be how it will work going into the future.

It’s confusing because you think you are buying the full game for $50.  This is why I think it’s stupid.  I also think that your collective outrage will probably get this changed – which is good.  But there does seem to be a lot of confusion about how PS+ works and that this is somehow out of the ordinary.  It isn’t.  Whenever you buy DLC for a PS+ “free” game, it’s tied to PS+.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 99 cents or hundreds of dollars (which is easily achievable for LBP2 addicts).

The fact that it is confusing, despite the fact that this is how it’s always been, means Sony has a problem on its hands and if they are smart they will fix it. And I definitely get the outrage at Sony employees erasing posts. I just take umbrage with the fact that so many people were shocked by this setup and called it unprecedented.  Which was impossible to explain on twitter.  So bloggy blog blog it is.

Hopefully what I was trying to say is clearer now.  And Sony, you have some serious explaining and apologizing to do for that forum shit.