No. No, no, no. Nope.

Eurogamer told me that Mario Kart was 1080p/60fps.  Evidently it is not that. I don’t care in terms of resolution making a game better or worse, but if what you are trying to do is give a technical breakdown you should get it right.  And, when you are wrong, you shouldn’t blame another outlet for quoting your shit as the reason it is wrong. Let’s start here.




Ok, so according to Eurogamer at this point it is 1080p/60fps.  Digital Foundry doesn’t agree (and blames other sources).




What is highlighted is a link to Forbes. Forbes, who is quoting the Eurogamer link up above. What you see on Forbes is down below.




Want to source it yourself?

Pic number one.

Pic number two (highlighted text leading to…).

Pic number three.


Let’s use more numbers to make it the most simple thing ever.

1. Eurogamer says MK8 is 1080p/60 fps

2. Eurogamer says it’s not 1080p and blames other outlets for saying it is 1080p/60fps

3. The link that Eurogamer provided is to a Forbes article citing the Eurogamer article that I put up top (because it was first).


Who knew!??!



One thought on “No. No, no, no. Nope.

  1. Not the first time EG behaves like this. I remember there was confusion about the length of the PS4 video recording, because someone from EG misheard an engineer from Sony, and then when they corrected the article, they blamed Sony for their own mistake.
    Owning up to an honest mistake is no big deal, but doing the opposite looks unprofessional.

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