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Hoard (PSN): Take a peek at the action strategy game that costs too much to buy on a whim

Just about everyone on my friends list that has seen me playing Hoard has taken the time to ask me how it is.  As nerds, we like action strategy games with castles and dragons and knights and farms and towns and crap.  But as people existing in a world where a 99 cent iPhone game can give you 40 hours of fun… you have to wonder why a game like Hoard is $15.  Something with a bit more complex of an engine, like Deathspank… that makes sense.  But why is Hoard that much?

Well, I made a video about it.  To be honest, watching this video makes the game look far more boring that it actually is, mostly because Im playing with one hand while filming with the other.  But, anyway, here it is…




Use an Xbox 360 controller on the PS3 with the XCM Crossbattle Adapter 2.0

I recently picked up this XCM Crossbattle Adapter 2.0 which allows you to use a 360 controller on a ps3. Thus far I’ve only tested it with the stock 360 wired controller (it has to be wired, doesn’t work with the wireless) and the Capcom 360 Super Street Fighter 4 fight pad. Both work flawlessly. I have read reports of atleast 1 Arcade stick not working, but I haven’t tried that for myself (being that I don’t own an arcade stick).

This video is a 10 minute demo and review of the device I made earlier today. It could be summed up in 5 seconds by saying “it works” but if you’ve listened to the show you know I like to listen to myself talk.

Bottom line for the devices are:

Crossbattle 1.0 = $25 to $30 shipped. It’s just a button to button converter (L1 = left bumper, L2= left trigger, etc etc) and it includes rumble support. There are no options for maping the six axis to either of the sticks or to change any of the buttons. It does have turbo switches for any of the buttons. Whoopeee!

Crossbattle 2.0 = $80-$90 shipped (I got it for $80 shipped from Does everything the 1.0 does but also includes options to remap all of the buttons, to map the six axis controls to one of sticks and you can even swap the analog sticks if you’re left handed or just plain weird. It also has a pretty blue light. Whether these options are worth an extra $50 is probably on a per user basis. They were for me but they may not be for you.

And here is the link to the super in depth button lag test.

If you have any questions ask here or on youtube and I will answer. Promise.

Crappy iPhone photos of Socom patch 1.5 changes

The whole time I was sitting here snapping pictures of such boring things as menus and whatnot my fiance was sitting next to me calling me a nerd.  I took this abuse for you!  I took the pics with my iphone, so they are crappy at best, but I tried to snap shots of everything new.   This isn’t the most exciting collection of pics ever but I figured if I was sitting at work right now I’d appreciate taking a look at them.

I am taking requests also, if there is something specific you want to see.

1.  Here is the first menu screen…  with the new additions.


2.  Clan ladders!


3.  A step further into the clan ladders…


4.  Tournament page… nothing up on it yet though.


5-7.  In game instructions on how the tourneys work.




8.   The calender page… empty like the tournaments.


9.  The controller screen.  It’s not fully customizable yet (can’t change X) but you can see that I have put sprint back on the L3 again.


10.  Here is the top of the server list, they did it slightly backwards, but it makes much more sense than it did without having to manually go in an reorder them.


11.  Here’s what the password protect looks like…


12.  New weapon wheel.  You can also see, very blurry, that they added the clan tags to the kill scroll…  and it’s longer again.


13.  Medium scope is fantastic.


Like i said, if there is anything else you want to see let me know.   Once the servers come back up Ill get more pics of the scopes and the stats on the weapons that were changed.

Sacred 2 video impressions – 9 minutes of holy-crap-mort-get-a-better-webcam excitement!

Sacred 2 is exactly what it should be.   It is a sprawling open world western action RPG.   The world is absurdly huge, the graphics are great, the combat is good (it’s not God of War good…  but it’s a step over the baldur’s gate’s of yesteryear).  It has a trillion quests and awesome class diversity.  It even has some PVP online.

But don’t take my word for it.  Or my written word for it…    here is some video impressions I posted that kinda gets into the nuts and bolts of how the game works.    Please note, however, that my camera is absolutely horrible, and that the game is not really bright in the middle and really dark around the edges.   It’s a quite gorgeous game, trust me.

Yeah, ending edit fail.