Podcast History – Short form

FyFYI History

FyFYI started as PSNerds many years ago with Pete, Bill and Rich and focused on PSN games. There was a website to go along with it with reviews and guides and stuff.  That stuff is on this website now, somewhere.

Rich disappeared into the night and Pete and Bill renamed the show to FyFYI based on a coworker of his who would say “just for your FYI, we have to do _____.” We also didn’t want to be tied to just PSN games.  Platform Nation added FyFYI to its roster of podcasts which was awesome.

Bill needed a break from podcasting so Pete teamed up with James Chilton from Double K.O.  Bill later came back to podcasting and is with Critical Strike.

Pete created “For your Vita Hype” which was a short lived (6 months, maybe?) but semi-popular Vita specific website. Pete wasn’t really looking for a job in games journalism though, he just wanted an excuse to write and eventually ran out of steam.  The reviews and articles are on this site now.

James and Pete had a hard time finding time as they live on opposite sides of the planet, so they went to every other week and Pete begged Mike Phillips from the Player One Podcast and The Fanboys to join on the other weeks.

Pete decided to just go solo to alleviate the pressure on James and Mike who had their own main podcasts to worry about.  Making a solo podcast is weird and Pete should feel weird.

After a few dozen solo podcasts Rich Grisham joined the show fulltime and is currently the host.



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